About Us

In the past 10-15 years, there has been considerable growth in the number of indoor pools build around the country. Indoor pools are popular for large community pools, swim schools, retirement villages, apartments, hotels and resorts as well as private residential use.

Over the course of the last 30 years many indoor pools have been built in sheds and buildings with no insulation. Many of these indoor pools were purpose designed and built for this use. The energy costs of these indoor pool facilities were very high and there was very little air heating, ventilation and condensation control.

Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd specialises in manufacturing heat pumps for water heating and water chilling purposes. When they first started out, over 38 years ago, many of the heat pumps they made were for heating swimming pools. Many of the heat pumps they make today still are for that purpose but they have expanded the range of the heat pumps to accommodate underfloor heating and domestic hot water as well.

Heat pump water heaters have a considerable advantage over other heating options such as electric element, fossil fuels and gas as they can provide much greater energy efficiency and lower running costs. Our design team has also had the opportunity to learn and grow with the increasing trend for indoor pools. We have taken original heat pump technology and developed it further to provide “Vent-Air” systems for indoor pool ventilation and condensation control.

At Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd we take a long term approach to design and build indoor pool heating and condensation control systems to provide satisfactory solutions. We follow certain design procedures and make sure our equipment is reliable and built to last. We are also mindful of providing thermal comfort for swimmers using the pool and also those who are using the indoor facilities as supporters and bystanders.

One of our major observations and finding’s of the short comings of the other systems is that often these systems have been designed with an unnecessarily high levels of complexity which often leads to a high running cost, high repair and maintenance cost and also multiple breakdowns disrupting pool use.

At Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd we believe in keeping things simple and looking for the most practical solution for any problem. Our team are dedicated to further developing innovative technology and controls that we introduce when we are sure that we can back that technology 100% with our name and our commitment to service.