Our Three Stage System

The effects of cold outdoor temperatures on an indoor pool enclosure

A three stage system to create a comfortable pool temperature and environment for your indoor pool:

Heat Pump

The heat pump is the unit which heats water that can then be used to heat the pool water to the desired temperature. It can also be used to heat water for underfloor heating, domestic use and also provide heated water to Supply Air Handler when supplement heat is required to increase the pool enclosure temperature.


The Vent-Air system comprises of air handling devices; the supply air handlers role is to bring drier/heated outside air and deliver it to the air distribution. The return air handlers role is to extract humid and stale air from the enclosure through a recovery coil to minimise running costs.

Air Distribution

The role of a properly desitned ducting system is to circulate fresh heated air to maintain uniform temperatures throughout the pool enclosure on all the surfaces, evenly, efficiently and quietly.