Remuera Gardens

Remuera • Sep 2018

Remuera Gardens retirement village were upgrading their outdoor pool with a new indoor pool and gym. Finding an economic solution to lower both the capital and operating costs was important to the owners. They contracted Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd (HWHP) to supply an integrated system to heat the pool and spa as well as ventilation and condensation control for the indoor pool hall.

Our solution was based on using a Duoheat Heat Pump to heat pool water and air for the Vent-Air Supply Air Handler.

We put a budget price together and provided estimated running costs for the system.

  • If the facility is paying $0.25/kWh of electricity, the running cost of the heat pump would be $1.75/h and the air handling units is going to be $0.28/h.
  • Summer equipment running time is estimated at 4-5 hours in a 24 hour cycle.
  • Spring and Autumn equipment running time is estimated at 8-10 hours in a 24 hour cycle.
  • Winter equipment running time is estimated at 10-15 hours in a 24 hour cycle.

Although underground duct work was the most expensive option it was chosen for its visual appearance and suitability for the style of building with its high windows and skylight ceiling. The design was effective at controlling condensation because heat naturally rises. An additional Duoheat heat pump was used to heat the spa pool and to provide domestic hot water for an upgraded residential wing using two Thermoheat cylinders.

The HWHP solution ticked all the boxes: Providing a comfortable environment by controlling humidity and condensation in the indoor pool hall with an energy efficient, low cost system. It was installed and commissioned by our team in May 2018. The owners know they can rely on us for onsite training and that the equipment is backed by reliable after sales service that will lower their maintenance costs and prolong the life expectancy of the building.

Project Summary

  • Design, Build and installation by Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd:
  • Main Pool Heating Surface Area: 66m2, Temperature: 32 °C
  • Spa Pool Heating Surface Area: 4m2, Temperature: 39 °C
  • Condensation Control for pool hall
  • Water heating for residential use
  • Management control system

Equipment Supplied

Duoheat 7GS35D27-3       dedicated to heating the pool water and the air in the pool hall (custom made).
Duoheat 7GP17D10-3       dedicated to heating the spa and domestic hot water for residential use.

280 x1 Supply Air Handlers
280 x1 Return Air Handlers
2 x 300L Thermoheat Duplex Stainless Steel Hot Water Cylinder

Air Distribution:
Underground air delivery system.