Pacific Coast Village

Papamoa • Dec 2015

Pacific Coast Village offers resort style retirement living with an easy walk to Papamoa Beach. The Indoor pool pavilion is designed to create a lifestyle comparable with resorts on the Gold Coast. It features a 25m long pool heated to 32°C, a separate spa heated to 39°C, a cardio room and a sun deck that are enjoyed by residents every day of the year.

The preliminary design for this project was based on a gas boiler system and simple duct design. That design had potential to provide uneven air distribution, leading to condensation in certain areas of the pool enclosure, and a high energy bill.

HWHPs (Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd) offered an integrated energy efficient Duoheat and Vent-Air system that created a comfort zone for swimmers and maintained good indoor air quality. This system included:

1.       Heat source – For energy efficient pool, spa, air and shower water heating.

2.       Air handling units – To supply fresh outside heated air and return air handling system to remove humid air from the enclosure with heat recovery.

3.       Air distribution ducting – To distribute air evenly on all surfaces by an exposed under ceiling duct work around the perimeter of the pool.

It is of equal importance to protect the building structure from excessively high humidity levels and condensation which is not only unsightly but if ignored could damage the integrity of the building envelope and could create a dangerous environment and expensive maintenance costs. To achieve thermal comfort for swimmers in the retirement village it was required to keep the pool water at 32°C. The warmer temperature produces a much higher evaporation rate so greater energy is needed to compensate.

Air distribution is designed to prevent condensation build-up so extra care is taken with the ducting to direct the air evenly to all required surfaces. Pacific Coast indoor pool and spa runs on a fraction of the cost of an equivalent size indoor pool facility. The core of the heating system consists of two eco-friendly and energy efficient “Duoheat” heat pumps. HWHPs  were able to deliver all the promises that were made before being awarded the project.

Project Summary

  • Design, Build and installation by Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd
  • Main Pool Heating Surface Area: 123m2, Temperature: 32 °C
  • Spa Pool Heating Surface Area: 5m2, Temperature: 38 °C
  • Condensation Control for Pool hall
  • Water heating for Showers and amenities
  • Management control system

Equipment Supplied

2 units used: 7GS11D10-3, 7GP50U63-3 (These are both custom built units)

550 x1 Supply Air Handlers
550 x1 Return Air Handlers
450L Thermoheat Duplex Stainless Steel Hot Water Cylinder

Air Distribution:
Overhead; exposed galvanized steel duct incorporating Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd uniform perforated ducting method.