Private Indoor Pool Dairy Flat

Dairy Flat • Mar 2016

The owners of this Dairy Flat home chose to build an indoor pool complete with steam room, sauna, gym and an office. The pool builder, Carlos from Morgan Pools had worked with HWHP (Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd), referred us to the owners for pool heating and condensation control of the pool hall. Our involvement early in the planning stage of the build and the co-operation between the owner, architects, and all contractors were key to the success of this indoor pool.

HWHP considered the relatively narrow paved area around the pool, visual impact of ducting and the large glass windows providing a pleasant rural outlook before recommending an underground air delivery system around the perimeter of the pool. This was situated close to the windows and walls, distributing air evenly from bottom to top and creating a curtain effect that prevents water vapour from condensing on the cold internal surfaces.

An important consideration for any pool is a thermal pool cover. Some clients prefer not to use a pool cover for aesthetic effect. When the surface of a pool is covered, the insulating effect dramatically reduces the amount of evaporation from the surface of a heated pool. This reduces the amount of heat required to maintain a set pool temperature. As a result it may be necessary to upsize the Duoheat heat pump and Vent-Air system to compensate for additional heat loss.

Performance Plus heat pump water heaters are incredibly energy efficient when compared to other heating options. For the person paying the bills, this translates to lower operating expenses which becomes even more relevant for heating a pool without a cover.

The Vent-Air system is providing a comfortable environment for pool users. No condensation has been forming on internal surfaces which reduces building maintenance and prolongs the building lifespan. The client has expressed his pleasure in working with HWHP and would like us to work in a future project.

Project Summary

  • Design, Build and installation by Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd:
  • Main Pool Heating Surface Area: 110m2, Temperature: 31°C
  • Condensation Control for pool hall
  • Management control system

Equipment Supplied

7GP60U42-3 (This is a large bespoke unit)

420 Supply Air Handlers
420 Return Air Handlers
80L Thermoheat Duplex Stainless Steel Buffer Tank
18 L Stainless Steel Heat Recovery Tank

Air Distribution:
Underground air delivery system.