Queens Residences

Auckland City • May 2016

Conrad Properties were the developers for Queens Residences, a high end apartment complex including a lap pool and gym located in the heart of Auckland City. HWHPs (Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd) first met with Leslie Graham from Leuschke Group and Tony Thompson from APG Thompson to discuss the design of an energy efficient heat source and proper ventilation system for the Queens Residences indoor pool back in 2014.

Finding a solution for air distribution in the pool hall was a challenge. We had designed a hidden air delivery system to distribute air from the sides of the pool hall but due to difficulties on installing this system in a concrete slab we went for overhead ducting in the ceiling space.

Placement of mechanical equipment in an apartment complex is often difficult. Access to fresh air for the heat pump and supply air handler was another challenge for this project because the plant rooms were located remotely in a basement well below ground level. Through collaboration and exchange of ideas with the architects and installers we were able to find a solution where the air handlers and buffer tank were placed on one side of the car park, while the filtration system and heat pump were placed on the other side of the car park, both at a level below the pool hall. The building ventilation system was used to provide tempered fresh air to HWHPs supply fan coils.

From preliminary design to completion this sort of project takes a long time. When the builders start construction the interpretation of architectural drawings becomes a challenge by itself which was solved with Scarbro Construction by having several explanatory meetings.

In 2016 Mark Jacob from Airmark Services started installing our heat pump and ventilation systems as per our design and instructions. Our service technicians commissioned the equipment and it has been a successful operation for the last couple of years.

Project Summary

  • Design and Built by Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd
  • Main Pool Heating Surface Area: 28m2, Temperature: 28°C
  • Condensation Control for Pool hall
  • Management control system

Equipment Supplied

Duoheat 7GP25U18-3

VA135 x1 Supply Air Handlers
VA135 x1 Return Air Handlers

Air Distribution:
Overhead grille delivery system.