Streamline Swim Academy

New Plymouth • Nov 2017

The Streamline Swim Academy arose from the local demand for swimming lessons and a greater challenge for more advanced swimmers. The needs of consumers were forefront in the minds of both owners and architects along with the desire to make the building practical and energy efficient. HWHP (Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd) was asked to participate in the project after recommendations from Pool Builder Aaron Hinton and thorough research and comparisons with alternative options by Architect William Giesen.

HWHPs was engaged to design, build and install a complete Indoor pool heating and ventilation system based on Duoheat Vent-Air technology heating the main pool and toddler pool, air heating for the main pool hall, under floor heating and heated air for changing rooms and hot water for the showers and amenities.

Technical difficulties that Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd were faced with on this project was the tight space for housing the mechanical and Vent-Air equipment. We overcame these difficulties by utilising multiple smaller Duoheat heat pumps rather than one or two large units. The use of four heat pump water heaters also allowed for greater control over multiple heating requirements; two different pool temperatures, air heating and condensation control in two different spaces, underfloor heating and domestic hot water.

The cooperation and collaboration between those involved in the project has created facilities that provide a wonderful environment for swimmers and supporters alike.

Project Summary

  • Design, Build and installation by Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd
  • Main Pool Heating Surface Area: 144m2 Temperature: 28 °C
  • Toddler Pool Heating Surface Area: 40m2 Temperature: 33 °C
  • Condensation Control for Pool hall
  • Air heating for Changing room
  • Underfloor heating for Changing room
  • Water heating for Showers and amenities
  • Management control system

Equipment Supplied

4 units used: 7GP35U27-3, 7GP35U27-3, 7GP25U18-3, 7GP25D15-3 (7GP35U7-3 are a larger bespoke units)
95kW dedicated to the main pool
72kW dedicated to air in the pool hall and changing rooms
15kW dedicated to domestic hot water

420 x2 Supply Air Handlers
420 x2 Return Air Handlers
800L Thermoheat Duplex Stainless Steel Hot Water Cylinder

Air Distribution:
Overhead; exposed galvanised steel duct incorporating Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd uniform perforated ducting method.