The Orchards

Glenfield • Jul 2015

Metlifecare is a leading retirement village operating throughout New Zealand. The Orchards is the Glenfield village catering to a mixture of independent living and rest home care which includes an indoor pool and spa for the villagers comfort and relaxation.

When construction for The Orchards was planned Alan Simpkin of Arcline Architecture approached HWHP (Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd) to tender for the job. Alan said, “I’ve worked with HWHP in the past and they have never let me down. The team really know what they’re doing and have been delivering indoor pool heating and ventilation solutions for years.”

The design team at HWHP evaluated the merits of the indoor pool site and client requirements. They prioritised the ventilation system to prevent moisture and condensation problems that could cause an unhealthy environment and promote deterioration of the building envelope.

Once the ventilation system was designed, custom-built Vent-Air equipment and the Duoheat heat pump were readied for installation by HWHP specialist installation team. Under ceiling air distribution ductwork was installed and increased energy recovery was achieved by heat recovery from the latent heat extracted from the indoor pool enclosure reducing ongoing daily heating and ventilation costs.

Metlifecare was delighted with the end result. There is no condensation or moisture in the environment, which means the facility will be in great shape for many years to come. The water of the pools and the enclosure are both kept at constant optimum temperatures and the system is not only affordable but also cost-effective to run.

Project Summary

  • Design, Build and installation by Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd:
  • Main Pool Heating Surface Area: 38m2, Temperature: 29°C
  • Spa Pool Heating Surface Area: 4m2, Temperature: 39 °C
  • Condensation Control for pool hall
  • Management control system

Equipment Supplied

Duoheat 7GP25A18-3

210 x2 Supply Air Handlers, 4 + 4 coils fitted
210 x2 Return Air Handlers, 4 row coil

Air Distribution:
Overhead; exposed galvanised steel duct incorporating HWHP uniform perforated ducting method.